About Yes We Hack

YesWeHack connects organizations or projects with a community of expert to meet your security needs

Yes We Hack
was founded in 2013

by cyber security aficionados anchored in the community and sharing the same values and the same views of the facts :

  • A chronic shortage of cyber security skills.
  • A lack of a European Bug Bounty platform.
  • Cyber security is created by people and networks of people pooling their expertise and their know-how.

Technology and People

On the strength of these facts, they developed a veritable technology and people cyber security ecosystem targeting researchers, recruiters, companies, and institutions at the same time.

Yes We Hack

This YesWeHack ecosystem combines four platforms:

  • yeswehack.com : the first European Bug Bounty platform offering public and private programs as well as the largest researcher community in Europe
  • zerodisclo.com : the first secure and anonymous coordinated vulnerability disclosure (CVD) platform
  • firebounty.com : a global aggregator of public Bug Bounty programs
  • jobs.yeswehack.com : the first job site focused on cyber security