Program Manager

Bug bounty program management

Carefully Assess Workload in Bug Bounty Program

A Bug Bounty program involves a mobilization of well-known internal resources:

  • time and personnel
  • expertise
  • appropriate internal organization
  • communication
This requires, on the one hand, cybersecurity administration and management, and on the other, coordination and human resources.

Program Manager offers its clients looking for a quick, accurate, reliable, and most cost-effective assessment a complete outsourcing solution.

Security Expertise at a Small Price

Yes We Hack has put in place partnerships with trustworthy companies.
All are stable players in the cybersecurity sector with proven and recognized competencies:

Supported by out teams, our partners manage your Bug Bounty program for a competitive flat monthly fee, and you enjoy the support of highly skilled experts.

Program Manager delivers to you:

1. A relationship with a hacker community

  • Classification of bugs traced through your program
  • Elimination of "duplicate" bugs and false positives
  • Bug reproduction for your team (confirmation of vulnerability)
  • Pre-identification of any potential for criticality within your scope
  • Technical liaison with the hunter community

2. Relationship with You

  • Technical consulting of your teams to assure fixes: reporting and fix follow-up
  • Decision-making support with respect to the levels of Bug Compensation Scaling
  • Complete management for your program: your account is managed online end-to-end (program launch, bug closure, etc.)
  • Expertise and reliability

Yeswehack Consulting Services

Prior to being launched, all our programs enjoy the support of our teams: definition of scope, lessons learned, advice on positioning.
However, if you would like Yeswehack to spend a few days with you to build your program and precisely to define your scope based on your infrastructure, this is a service we offer as well. Contact Us.


Many formulas have been developed to meet your needs. To find out more, get in touch with us.