YesWeHack hunter achievements: Unveiling the Galactic Guardians series

February 23, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, YesWeHack recognises the vital role our hunters play in securing our clients' digital assets and their customers' sensitive data.

To this end, we periodically send special posters to ethical hackers who have notched exceptional achievements in Bug Bounty hunting. These range from claiming maximum bounties to dominating the leaderboard or crafting imaginative, engaging Dojo challenges. 

Embracing the cosmic expanse of cyberspace, we are thrilled to introduce our latest collection of achievements: the Galactic Guardians series!

These are more than just acknowledgments – they are a testament to the skill, persistence and ingenuity of our highest-performing hunters. With a celestial theme, these achievements are designed to express our gratitude to our community of hunters – and hopefully inspire them to even greater heights!

When and how are the hacker achievements awarded?

These coveted achievements are awarded quarterly.

Every three months, we assess the performance and contributions of our hunters. Those who meet the criteria for any of the achievements will receive a special email from YesWeHack.

Along with this recognition, you'll receive a physical poster celebrating your achievement – and serving as a tangible reminder of your hacking prowess!

Please note: each physical poster is sent only once per researcher. So if you win, say, the 'Black Hole' achievement in the first quarter and then again in the third, you will receive the 'Black Hole' poster only for the first of these achievements.

🌑 BLACK HOLE: The event horizon of criticality

YesWeHack hunter achievements: BLACK HOLE poster for ethical hackers who win maximum bug bounties

Requirement: Attain the maximum reward in any YesWeHack program to claim this prestigious accolade (this does not apply to reports produced through collaboration).

💥 SUPERNOVA: Ruler of the galaxy

YesWeHack hunter achievements: SUPERNOVA poster for ethical hackers who top the leaderboard for three consecutive months or longer

Requirement: Top the leaderboard – ranking #1 – for at least three consecutive months.

🌀 PULSAR: Cosmic consistency

YesWeHack hunter achievements: PULSAR poster for ethical hackers who submitted valid reports every month for a full year

Requirement: Demonstrate unwavering consistency by submitting valid reports every month for a full year (12 consecutive months)

🌠 COMET: The interstellar specialist

YesWeHack hunter achievements: COMET poster for ethical hackers who submit at least 10 valid reports on the same program

Requirement: Prove your expertise on a specific program with at least 10 valid reports on the same program.

🔭 STAR GAZER: Consistent excellence

YesWeHack hunter achievements: STAR GAZER poster for ethical hackers who sit among the leaderboard’s top 5 for at least six months

Requirement: Sit among the leaderboard’s top 5 for at least six months.

🪐 CELESTIAL PLANNER: Serious staying power

YesWeHack hunter achievements: CELESTIAL PLANNER poster for ethical hackers who stay among the top 5 hunters for a six-month stretch or longer

Requirement: Stay among the top 5 hunters for a six-month stretch or longer.

🚀 GALAXY VOYAGER: Achieving persistence all-year round

Requirement: Demonstrate long-term dominance by staying in the top 5 for at least an entire year.

YesWeHack hunter achievements: GALAXY VOYAGER poster for ethical hackers who stay among the top 5 on the leaderboard for at least one year

🤝 COSMIC BLACKSMITH: The community contributor

YesWeHack hunter achievements: COSMIC BLACKSMITH poster for ethical hackers who make noteworthy community contributions such as blog posts or DOJO hacking challenges

Requirement: This 'hidden' achievement is reserved for those who enrich the YesWeHack community, be it through blog contributions or crafting imaginative and engaging DOJO hacking challenges.

Take up the challenge!

This is more than just a challenge; it's a journey towards becoming a legend in the cybersecurity space. These milestones can signpost your progress through the vast and growing Bug Bounty universe.

Each poster is not only a reward, but a symbol of your skill, dedication and contributions to securing the digital cosmos.

So: are you ready to join this select group of world-class hunters, to pwn systems with flair and claim your rewards? Set your sights on these celestial targets and let the hunt begin!