Introducing the YesWeHack Advent Calendar: 24 Days of Challenges and Festive Fun!

December 1, 2023

YesWeHack Advent Calendar

In the spirit of festive fun, we're excited to unveil the YesWeHack Advent Calendar, brimming with surprises, Christmas-themed trivia and insightful Bug Bounty tips and highlights. Best of all: we've packed it with a variety of challenges, catering not only to our dedicated hackers but to all our cherished followers. Don’t worry, dear hackers, a separate, special DOJO challenge, exclusively designed for you, awaits its grand reveal on December 24th.

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with a blend of fun and thrilling challenges!

In the meantime, let us introduce you to the YesWeHack Advent Calendar game rules!


Start Date: December 1

End Date: December 23

Challenges and Points System

Total Challenges: 7 of the 24 Advent calendar squares will reveal an Advent Calendar Game challenge.

Points Allocation: Points will be awarded to the first 3 participants to correctly complete each challenge. The number of points awarded for each challenge may vary and will be announced at the time of each challenge.

Final Winners: After the final challenge, the 3 participants with the highest number of points accumulated from all the Advent Calendar Game challenges will win prizes.

Challenge Announcements

Challenges will be posted on YesWeHack's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Time of announcement: 10:30am CET – 5:30pm SGT

Submission of Responses

Participants should submit their responses as comments on the challenge posts on LinkedIn or Twitter.

The first 3 participants to answer each challenge correctly on either platform will win the points allocated for that challenge.


1st Place: Nintendo Switch Lite + Rains x YesWeHack Weekend Bag + YesWeHack Full Swag Pack

2nd Place: Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset + Rains x YesWeHack Weekend Bag + YesWeHack Full Swag Pack

3rd Place: Rains x YesWeHack Weekend Bag + YesWeHack Full Swag Pack

Eligibility and Participation

  • The game is open to all individuals except employees of YesWeHack and their families.
  • Participants must follow the challenge instructions as detailed in each announcement.

Fair Play and Judging

  • Fair play is expected from all participants. Any form of cheating will result in disqualification.
  • The organisers will determine the winners based on the order and correctness of responses.
  • The decision of the organisers/judges is final.


  • Participants are responsible for tracking challenge announcements and responding in a timely manner.
  • Rules and challenge details are subject to change; participants will be notified of any changes.

Good Luck to You All and Let's Have Fun Before XSSmas!