The first live Bug Bounty for European scale-ups and unicorns

April 6, 2022

Hack Me I'm Famous Bug Bounty

YesWeHack, in partnership with Doctolib, Blablacar, Malt and the cybersecurity network SPARTA, is launching the first live Bug Bounty event dedicated to European scale-ups and unicorns!

The idea was born in September 2021, during the International Cybersecurity Forum, when Doctolib was participating in YesWeHack’s live Bug Bounty. Why not organise an event that would encourage all French scale-ups and unicorns to collaborate with ethical hackers, all in a fun and friendly atmosphere?

After some discussions with the unicorn Blablacar, already familiar with Bug Bounty with its public program on the YesWeHack platform, then with Malt, the idea became a reality! The first edition of Hack Me I’m Famous will happen on 13 & 14 April 2022 at the Cyber Campus!

13 & 14 April 2022 – A Promising First Edition

For this first edition, YesWeHack called on around fifty of the best European hackers to come and challenge the information systems of Doctolib, Blablacar and Malt. For more than 30 hours, day and night, the hunters will try to find vulnerabilities in the partners’ information systems. If they succeed, they will receive rewards based on the reward grids as well as unique goodies and special prizes!

Why a live Bug Bounty?

For corporate security teams, it’s a unique and invaluable opportunity to discuss their findings with researchers, and better understand security bugs. For hackers, it’s an easy way to ask live questions to program managers and YesWeHack’s teams to get more information about the programs and thus go even further in their research. Furthermore, researchers may collaborate with each other to pool their skills and expertise and thus go further in the hunt for new vulnerabilities and exploitation. In a nutshell, a live Bug Bounty is an amazing experience for everyone to get to the top!

SPARTA Monthly Workshop

Alongside the live Bug Bounty, a workshop of the SPARTA project, of which YesWeHack is a member, will take place on the first day of the event. The SPARTA project is a novel Cybersecurity Competence Network supported by Horizon 2020, aiming to develop and implement excellent R&I actions and to ensure digital security and strategic autonomy of the EU. Strongly guided by concrete challenges, this workshop aims to gather the European ethical community to discuss their contribution to the European cybersecurity. You can download the SPARTA workshop programme here.

A Yearly Rendez-Vous

This event aims to be replicated every year, with new scale-ups and unicorns joining every year. If you are interested in the initiative and would like to discuss with our teams, we invite you to contact us.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 830892.

About YesWeHack

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