YesWeHack – Europe’s leading Bug Bounty platform – is opening an office in Singapore

May 27, 2019

YesWeHack – Europe #1 Bug Bounty platform – has announced that it is opening an office in Singapore. The new office is part of YesWeHack’s fast-growth strategy for its international activities following a €4 million fundraising at the start of the year.

YesWeHack is consolidating its global positioning in a sector that will transform the cybersecurity industry over the next five years.

Kevin Gallerin has been appointed Managing Director APAC to develop YesWeHack’s strategy in Asia. Having spent more than ten years in the region, he knows the Asian cybersecurity market inside out, having notably participated in the launch of CERT-LEXSI in Singapore.

Aside from his recognized cyber expertise and own entrepreneurial experience, he also brings along his ethical hacker community from which all the co-founders of YesWeHack hail.

A strategic presence in the Asian market

The Singapore government has made cybersecurity one of the priorities of its defence strategy. It launched its first bug bounty programs in 2018, with the aim of “building a smart, safe and resilient nation”. This initiative has helped “educate” the regional market on bug bounty and its value.

Asian firms are quite advanced in their digital transformation and are open to disruptive approaches that enable them to strengthen security while also accelerating this transformation. YesWeHack has already launched programs with major organisations in the region. These initial successes speak for the relevance of our positioning and the quality of our services, and show that YesWeHack is now a key player in the region

- Kevin Gallerin

Europe: YesWeHack’s USP in Asia

YesWeHack’s differentiating advantage include its reputation and European values: major Asian organisations are highly sensitive to ensuring that the sovereignty of their operations and their data confidentiality are respected – guarantees that North American platforms cannot provide.

With a global community of ethical hackers and this new step in its international development, YesWeHack is consolidating its position as the ONLY alternative platform to the major US market players.

About YesWehack

Founded in 2013, YesWeHack is the #1 European Bug Bounty & VDP Platform.

YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to cybersecurity with Bug Bounty (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), connecting tens of thousands cyber-security experts (ethical hackers) across 120 countries with organisations to secure their exposed scopes and reporting vulnerabilities in their websites, mobile apps, infrastructure and connected devices.

YesWeHack runs private (invitation based only) programs, public programs and vulnerability disclosure policies (VDP) for hundreds of organisations worldwide in compliance with the strictest European regulations.