Find YesWeHack at Insomni’hack 2024!

Join YesWeHack at Insomni'hack in Lausanne on April 25-26.


Insomni’hack has evolved, in 16 years, into one of Switzerland’s premier infosec events. What started as a small contest initiated by Orange Cyberdefense Switzerland quickly became a cornerstone within the Swiss cybersecurity landscape. The upcoming 15th edition, scheduled from April 22nd to 26th at the SwissTech Convention Center, promises to be an enriching event with 3 days dedicated to workshops, 2 days of conferences, and a CTF competition to close the event.

YesWeHack is thrilled to return to Insomni'hack to meet with the Swiss infosec community!

Curious about our Bug Bounty & Vulnerability Management Platform? On April 25-26, visit us on booth 10 to discuss with our team - Rodolphe Harand, our VP Sales, BitK, our Tech Ambassador and Brumens, Researcher Enablement Analyst.

Whether you're a bug hunter or a security professional, make sure to drop by! We’ll be happy to share some hacking tips and tricks to step up your bug hunting game, but also explain how our platform can enhance your organisation’s security posture.

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YesWeHack is a leading Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Management Platform used by hundreds of organisations and tens of thousands of bug hunters worldwide. Built and run by ethical hackers since 2015, our Bug Bounty platform offers fast, in-house triage, fair rewards and prompt payouts, and compliance with stringent EU data security laws.

YesWeHack manages hundreds of private and public programs and holds regular Live Hacking Events. Bug Bounty programs include Tencent, Swiss Post, Orange France and the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

Bug hunting is boosted by YesWeHack’s CTF playground/training platform (Dojo), various bug hunting tools, responsible vulnerability disclosure platform (, non-partisan Bug Bounty/VDP search engine (, and a blog featuring technical tips and interviews.