Bug Bounty
The new cybersecurity standard

Bounty Bug drives together a community of ethical hackers to probe the security of information systems.

These experts receive rewards according to the severity of the vulnerability they discover and the quality of its analysis.

YesWeHack, the European Bug Bounty leader, launches the educational version of its platform, thus creating a unique ecosystem to promote best practices in cybersecurity.

Train future experts to search for vulnerabilities in real-life inspired scenarios
Educate future experts in vulnerability reporting and risk analysis methods
Actively contribute to the skill development of future Bug Bounty program managers and vulnerability fixing

A novel
educational approach

  • Provide a secure, fun and operational framework for cybersecurity training
  • Enrich the content of cybersecurity curricula through real-life situations
  • Enhance cybersecurity skills and abilities of students through gamification
  • Involve students in securing their institution through a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program
  • Expand multidisciplinarity and collaboration between courses
  • Raise awareness and train future developers on best practices in cybersecurity, e.g. DevSecOps, security-by-design

Why Choose EDU?

#1 Bug Bounty Educational Platform Worldwide
Different difficulty and practice levels
Diversity-appropriate routes for student profiles
Excellence through multidisciplinary interactions