The French government’s digital identity application under Bug Bounty program on YesWeHack

June 13, 2022

France Identité application

Carried out by the French Ministries of the Interior, Justice, Transformation and Public Service and by the State Secretariat for Digital Affairs, the “France Identité” application offers an alternative to photocopies of identity documents, allowing people to send authentic and secure single-use digital identity documents.

In order to guarantee a maximum level of security, the France Identité application will be scrutinised by YesWeHack’s platform researchers. The Bug Bounty program will last throughout the life of the application, allowing a permanent audit of the code by the community. The objective is to improve the security and the level of trust of the infrastructures used by France Identité in the long term.

Continuous security check in three phases

The France Identité Bug Bounty program will take place in three phases:

  1. A first private phase starting in June 2022 will be held with about thirty ethical hackers selected by YesWeHack and France Identité.
  2. This private phase will be progressively strengthened with the invitation of new researchers to the program.
  3. Lastly, the app will move into a public Bug Bounty phase, where the whole community will be able to test the security of the app.

Always with the aim of ensuring transparency, France Identité will gradually open up its code and make it available to as many people as possible, with the same mission of identifying any potential vulnerabilities.

YesWeHack continues to guarantee the security of essential digital assets

YesWeHack is a long-standing partner of government organisations. The platform has notably collaborated with:

  • The French Ministry of Defense – Click here to watch a video describing the partnership between the two organisations.
  • The Direction interministérielle du numérique, France’s digital transformation agency – Click here to see their public Bug Bounty program.
  •, the French platform for prevention and assistance to victims of cyberattacks – Click here to see their public Bug Bounty program.
  • The TousAntiCovid project team, for the security of the mobile contact tracing application implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic – Click here to see their public Bug Bounty program.
  • The Quebec Ministry of Cyber Security and Digital Affairs – Click here to see their public Bug Bounty program.

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